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Saturday, November 29, 2008

8 year old Arizona boy Christian Romero murders his father and family friend

I have been following the case of eight year old Christian who lived in Arizona with his father and step mother; he killed his father and a boarder of the home who worked with his father at a local plant. There is a gag-order placed on the details of this case but there are still some media leaks that are starting to spell the story out in more detail.
I have seen a lot of comments on this tragic case, and tragic it is. The more I read about this the more I am really starting to see more of a need for help for our children. As atrocious of a crime as this is, there is just something more to it that I am sure will be spelled out in the coming months.
From what I have gathered so far, the father took the child from the mother. The mother lives in Mississippi ironically. The father was remarried to another woman who spanked the boy most recently for leaving some papers at school. The media spoke to Dr. Shannon Fox to try and get a better understanding how this kind of crime could have happened in this family. Dr. Fox said that children that kill fit one of the three following categories: 1. Abused: It's estimated that 90% of children who kill were severely abused. They don't have a history of other disruptive behavior, but often times have tried to tell someone in authority about the abuse. When no one comes to their rescue, they might see murder as the only escape from a terrible situation. 2. Mental disorder: If a child is suffering from paranoia, they might be so distanced from reality that they commit murder without realizing exactly what is going on. This is extremely rare and would usually be identified earlier by teachers or other children who thought the child strange.3. Antisocial: Most commonly referred to as sociopaths, these children have a history of disregard for authority. They might kill as a means of getting something they want. They will typically show no remorse or fear of consequences.
In another article I read, the grand parents of the boy made a statement. They state that if any child was capable of this crime it was their grandson. So if they really felt this way, WHY IN THE HELL did they not advocate to try and get this boy some help. If they do believe this, there must have been warning signs, red flags of some sort. In my opinion some people along the way have really failed this child and I do not see this case being the last of this kind that we will hear about, and it certainly is not the first of its kind either.
It has now come out that this boy kept a tally on the spankings he received over his life. That speaks that this child has great intelligence, to be able to ledger the abuse. The tally is at 1000 spankings from what is being said.
Now here is the kicker, the more that comes out the sicker I get to my stomach about this case. Drugs played a role in this case somehow. Timothy Romans, the man who was nesting in a rented room at the family home is a known drug dealer. His wife has stated that she is in the process of divorcing him. My question is, did the father of Christian know that Romans was dealing? You can bet your sweet ass he knew and he more than likely was dealing and or using himself.
When this story first come to light, there were talks about just how great the family was, now all this information is coming to light. The family was not exactly as they portrayed themselves as were they?
My heart really goes out to this boy. He had to be in some serious pain in order to act out this crime. And NO ONE took the time to notice the signs and now a child, just a baby has committed murder. I know we still do not know the entire story but I pray that Christian’s mother takes the opportunity to use the case of her child in order to help adopt better policy’s to see warning signs of a child in distress. If we had better awareness, and better training by those in our education system, something like this can be stopped.
This child is going to need a lot of psychological help in the coming years and he will never have the equality of life that he so deserves, he will have to live the rest of his life with what he has done. And the BLAME… who should that rest on? I vote for the father for failing his child as he did. Having a known drug trafficker/user in his home, for the abuse he inflicted upon this child and for failing to see signs of distress in his own child.

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